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Explore the Puffco PEAK PRO, a revolutionary electronic dab rig offering exceptional portability, instant temperature adjustments, and Bluetooth app compatibility. Thanks to its advanced temperature control system, the PEAK Pro consistently monitors and fine-tunes the temperature, regardless of the amount of concentrate loaded. Ensure your device performs flawlessly with our Replacement Atomizers & Puffco Peak Pro 3D  XL Chamber.



 New Puffco Peak Pro  Puffco Peak Pro (OLD)
Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery
Bluetooth App Connectivity
Bluetooth App Connectivity
USB-C Charging
USB-C Charging
Real-Time Temp. Controlc Real-Time Temp. Control
3D Ceramic Chamber

Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber

Customizable LED Lights Customizable LED Lights
Double Water Capacity Double Water Capacity
Auto-Sleep Function Auto-Sleep Function
4 Pre-programmed Heat Settings. (More available through the app)
4 Pre-programmed Heat Settings. (More available through the app)
Haptic Feedback Haptic Feedback
40-Session Average Battery Life 30-Session Average Battery Life
Carrying Case Included Carrying Case Included
Matte Finish
Matte Finish
Customize temp settings. Customize temp settings.
Temp settings control through the mobile application Temp settings control through the mobile application
Wireless Charging ( Qi) Wireless Charging ( Qi)
3D Atomizer N/A
Accurate Laser Cutting of Percolator Apertures N/A
New Glass Chamber Design N/A
Joystick Carb Carb N/A




The Puffco Peak Pro is celebrated for being better than the rest not only because it offers a robust internet connection but also because it stays up to date with concrete consumption technology. As an electronic dab rig, it excels in features, vapor quality, and manufacturing quality, making it a top choice for consuming concentrates.

The best part is it is easily accessible, majorly for new users. Some beginners are actually calling it the most trustable and smoother way of experiencing concentrates. The ease of use, especially for beginners, makes it a standout option among electronic dab rigs.

The ease and customer experience you get in the customizations with Puffco Peak Pro are commendable and the device is created to deliver the exact experience you are expecting from it.

Following are some features that truly make Puffco Peak Pro stand out and why you must invest in it even after you have the other one-

The new matte finish body is something to have and the best part is it doesn’t scuff easily.

Most advanced wireless QI Charging Dock capability available in the market.

The Peak Pro newly designed, larger ceramic chamber allows you to take up to 40% bigger dabs than an Oculus Carb Cap.

Plus, it heats up faster and the temp stabilizer ensures you’re getting the same temperature for the duration of your dab. Get ready for smoother hits, bigger and better dabs with the Peak Pro!

Showcases longest and most robust battery life available till now.

Puffco Peak Pro is so much better than Peak Pro majorly because of the customization options its online shop and App experience. You can even control your temperature presets with ease and comfort.


There is no denying that Puffco Peak Pro is better than numerous competitor devices available in the market. As an advanced e rig, it boasts features like the 3D Heating Chamber, USB-C charging, wireless charging, and app customization, all of which contribute to its excellence and ensure there is no risk involved in using it with the customizations for your needs. The vapor quality of the Puffco Peak Pro is also exceptional, making it a top choice for those seeking optimal performance.

Let us move on to understanding the features of Puffco Peak Pro in detail.

Bluetooth App Capability 

 Peak Pro has Bluetooth capability to connect to the Puffco Connect App. The App is created with full attention to details and offers its users unprecedented control over the numerous function of their devices!

We know that you are always in search of a device that offers good power backup. This is a device that offers strong reviews when it comes to its battery and the Power Dock battery charger is best to recharge your Peak Pro to its full capacity.

The most celebrated feature of one of the market’s best devices- Puffco Peak Pro is the fact that the battery fully charges in simply 2 hours with the supercharger and it lasts around 30 dabs! Additionally, you can use a USB-C cable to charge the Puffco Peak Pro for optimal performance.

Real-Time Temperature Control

We verify this device doesn't control how you use it, no matter how much you smoke or how deeply you breathe in, the experience remains the same! 

Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber

The new larger sealed ceramic chamber has been completely overhauled to enhance reliability and enhance its performance. The chamber is now larger than before, creating more space to hold oil, thereby making it easier to take larger dabs. Compared to the original peak, the new chamber offers significant improvements in both capacity and efficiency.

Brand New Outlook

The Puffco is a registered piece displaying a perspective of your dabbing experience, making the difference in flavor during the process of liquefying concentrates evidently visible.

Customizable LED Lights

The light band discreetly lights up when the battery or heat cycle indicators are needed and fades away when they are no longer needed. With our verified feedback, you can be sure that your timing is precise and that you are getting the perfect hit every time and minute of your day! 

Temperature settings control through the mobile application

Experts agree in sync that we have created a device that will adjust the heating times if your bowl temperature is still warm, allowing you to have a more consistent experience while you use it during repeated sessions.

Advance Heat Settings

No matter your experience letter or preferences, Sesh-mode has four distinct heat settings to choose from. So whether you are looking for a flavor filled session, or big, billowing clouds, you are sure to find the perfect setting and experience for you.

Apart from this, the Sesh mode even allows you to extend your session, creating the world the ultimate social dab experience.

20 Seconds Average Heat-Up

This process is much quicker than the 3 minutes of peak heating and cooling times associated with traditional dab rigs, meaning more consumption and less waiting. Compared to other electronic dab rigs, the Puffco Peak Pro's 20 seconds average heat-up time stands out, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Smartest Temperature Calibration

The device comes with Intelligent Temperature Calibration that enables it to automatically adjust heat times if the bowl temperature is still hot making each use more consistent and enjoyable during sesh-mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Puffco Peak Pro?

Is It Possible To Smoke Flower Out Of It?

We have been seeing people ask this question a lot about our latest device, so here is your answer- not really. You must understand that it is not meant for flowers to vape, but rather for solid extracts such as wax, shatter, crystal or dab to vape.

It is specially designed to vape concentrates and provides the best experience with these materials. Customers have shared how it has left them with nothing but the best vape experience when done adequately and with care. It is not ideal and suggested but you can do it at your own risk if you choose to.

What Is The Battery Backup? How Much Does It Last?

To check the battery life of the device, click the button three times. The color indicator will then show you how much charge is left: Green (100-60%), Yellow (60%-30%), or Red (30%-0%). According to Puffco, the battery should last for around 30 heating cycles when fully charged.

We highly recommend the Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock accessory for seasoned, regular users, as it keeps the device charged and ready at all times, while also doubling as a power bank to drastically improve its battery life.

This accessory is in line with the Next-Gen qualities of Peak Pro, which already comes with USB-C charging for more stable power distribution and faster charging times. And there are enormous customer reviews about positive battery life experience!

Does It Come With A Carrying Case?

This device comes with accessories and a carrying case which makes it hotter and easier to store and carry. It is specially designed to be stylish and discreet and also provides protection for the product while in transit with its shock-absorbing foam padding. Customers have shared reviews on how the carrying case is not just realistic but also good looking!

In short, it fits everything you need to bring with you.

What All Comes Inside The Box ?

New Puffco Peak Pro  Puffco Peak Pro 
1 unit of New Peak pro 1 unit of Puffco Peak Pro
1 unit of Dual Tool 1 unit of Dual Tool
1 unit of 3D Atomizer  1 unit of Carb Cap
1 Joystick Carb Cap 1 Package of Cotton Swabs
1 Unit of USB Type- C Cable 1 Unit of USB Type- Cable
1 Package of Cotton Swabs

1 Carrying Case

1 Unit of Carrying Case


The device is available for free shipping on some zip codes at our site, check to see if you are eligible!!

Checkout & say bye to your worry! If you face have any more questions, feel free to contact us via our website form or email.

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