Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber
Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber
Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber
Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber

3D Chamber of Peak Pro

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PUFFCO Peak Pro 3D Chamber for an elevated vaping experience, showcasing cutting-edge heating technology that delivers 15% more vapor, achieves a 33% faster heat-up, and enhances flavor output. This innovative chamber employs adaptive heat tracers, directing heat towards the side walls rather than solely at the bowl bottom during inhalation. This unique approach preserves oil quality, resulting in consistently smooth hits with enriched flavor. Explore the Puffco 3D XL Chamber for an enhanced vaping experience.

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Key Features of the PUFFCO Peak Pro 3D Chamber:

• State-of-the-art Heating Technology
• Adaptive Heat Tracers
• 15% More Vapor
• 33% Faster Heat-Up
• Enhanced Flavor Production
• Reduced Battery Consumption

Package Includes:

• 1 Peak Pro 3D Chamber

Elevate your vaping experience with the PUFFCO Peak Pro 3D Chamber, a game-changer in vapor production, heat efficiency, and flavor enhancement.

Peak Pro 3D Chamber

**Important: Firmware updates are necessary for utilizing the 3D Chamber (downloadable through the app). This accessory is exclusively compatible with the Puffco Peak Pro.

Do not try to disassemble the chamber, as doing so will result in damage!

For cleaning purposes: Unscrew the entire unit and immerse it in 99% ISO alcohol.**

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