Puffco peak pro not holding the charge

If your Puffco Peak Pro is experiencing difficulties maintaining a charge, there are several potential causes and troubleshooting measures you can undertake:

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Fix if your Puffco peak pro is not holding the charge

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  1. Check the battery connections: Ensure that the battery connections are unsoiled and clear of any debris or residue. Utilize a cotton swab or a gentle cloth to cleanse the battery contacts on both the device and the battery itself.

  2. Confirm the charging cable and power source: Make certain that you are utilizing the original charging cable that accompanied the Puffco Peak Pro. Ensure that the cable is securely inserted into both the device and a dependable power source. Experiment with an alternative charging cable or power adapter to determine if the issue is resolved.

  3. Restart the device: Occasionally, a simple restart can resolve minor software glitches. Power off the device completely and then power it back on to see if it begins to hold a charge.

  4. Reset the device: If a restart does not resolve the issue, you can attempt to reset the device to its original factory settings. Consult the Puffco Peak Pro's user manual for instructions on locating a reset button or a specific combination of buttons to press.

  5. Replace the battery: If none of the aforementioned steps rectify the problem, it is possible that the battery itself is defective or worn out. Get in touch with Puffco's customer support or visit an authorized service center to inquire about potential battery replacement options.