Xvape - Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer - Black
Xvape - Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer - Black
Xvape - Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer - Black

Xvape Vista Mini 2 Vaporizer Black

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Introducing the XVAPE VISTA MINI 2 Vaporizer – a groundbreaking advancement in compact and potent bubbler vaporizers crafted for concentrates or oils. With four LED-indicated heat settings designed for various concentrates, this innovative device features a quartz atomizer with a coil embedded in the glass, ensuring an impressive 10-second heat-up time.

XVAPE Vista Mini 2 Features:

  • 4 Heat Settings Indicated by LED Light
  • Quartz Atomizer with Coil Embedded in the Glass (2 Atomizers Included)
  • Fast 10-Second Heat-Up Time
  • Water Filtration with Detachable Glass Bubbler
  • Glass Discovery Carb Cap (Enhanced Atomizer Visibility)
  • Wireless & USB Charging
  • Haptic Feedback Technology
  • Free Impact Resistant, Smell-Proof Carrying Case Included

Huni Badger mini

Enhance your dabbing experience with the Vista Mini 2, featuring water filtration and a detachable glass bubbler for added convenience. The glass discovery carb cap ensures optimal visibility, and the ergo-blaze flared mouthpiece adds comfort to your sessions. Haptic feedback technology and wireless/USB charging maintain user-friendly convenience. The AIO crystal quartz atomizer provides short circuit protection for safety. Beyond performance, this vaporizer serves as a stylish statement piece for any setting. It comes complete with a free impact-resistant, smell-proof carrying case for on-the-go protection. XVAPE's Vista Mini 2 sets new standards in quality, durability, and taste, standing out from the crowd. Elevate your concentrate experience with this exceptional vaporizer.

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