ONGROK - Meditation Hash Pipe - Rose Gold
ONGROK - Meditation Hash Pipe - Rose Gold

ONGROK - Meditation Hash Pipe - Rose Gold

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ONGROK - Meditation Hash Pipe - Rose Gold

Elevate your portable smoking experience with the sleek and functional ONGROK Meditation hash  Pipe. This innovative design boasts a glass bowl nestled within a durable, aircraft-grade aluminum exterior, offering a lightweight and protective sanctuary for your herbs. Whether venturing outdoors or seeking a discreet solution at home, the ONGROK Meditation Pipe seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.
Enjoy smooth, flavorful smoke with every draw thanks to the meticulously crafted glass bowl. Ideal for those who prefer light, 1-3 hitter sessions, the removable mouthpiece ensures comfortable and controlled smoking. The ONGROK Meditation Pipe is your perfect companion for mindful moments, offering the ideal balance of portability and functionality.
  • Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum Exterior
  • Glass Pipe & Bowl
  • Size: 4.5" Long
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Discreet and Sleek
  • Compact Design

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