Helix - 6" Classic Mini Hand Pipe

Helix - 6" Classic Mini Hand Pipe

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Helix - 6" Classic Mini Hand Pipe

Smoke is chilled and mellowed inside an airy vortex of the Helix Mini Hand Pipe. Air enters through three intake holes, dividing smoke into three smaller streams. In order to maximize cooling, this triples the contact between smoke, air, and glass. The three streams combine to create the famous Helix vortex, which produces incredibly flavorful hits without any burn.
For buy Morty pipe

This glass hand pipe looks beautiful and is pleasant to smoke. Your friends will be curious when they see the real tornado inside your glass.

Additionally, because the air intake enlarges even tiny hits, it saves buds. Make the most of every burn and extend the life of your dry herb.
  • 32mm Tubing
  • Venturi Chamber Mouthpiece
  • 3 Air Intake Holes That Cool And Spin Smoke
  • Two Feet Stabilize The Piece
  • For Use With Flowers
  • ***Logo Color May Vary***


  • Length: 6"

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