Grav - Pebble Spoon - Blue

Grav - Pebble Spoon - Blue

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Grav - Pebble Spoon - Blue

Ever come across a flawlessly smooth rock that fits snugly in your hand's palm? Was there ever a time you wanted to smoke it? You're in luck today, though. The GRAV® Pebble Spoon is discrete and simple to tuck into a pocket or purse thanks to its low profile mouthpiece, carb, and bowl. The Grav Pebble Spoon is satisfying to hold and hit, and it blends smoothly into your daily routine.
  • Low Profile Bowl
  • Left Side Carb
  • Engraved Grav Logo
  • For Use With Flowers

For buy Rocker steamroller pink


  • Length: 3"

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