An Iconic Collaboration for the Modern Smoker

playboy by ryot for angies boutique

Iconic lifestyle company Playboy has teamed up with one of the leading brands in the smoking industry, RYOT. Together they have taken some of RYOT's classic designs like the Magnetic Dugout and have incorporated the world famous Playboy bunny design into the elements. The collection includes everything from pipes, water pipes, grinders, dugouts, rolling trays, and more! With RYOT's commitment to quality craftsmanship you're not only get a high quality smoking accessory but also a limited edition collectible.

The Playboy x RYOT collection offers a wide range of stylish and high quality smoking utensils for every type of enthusiast. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, these items are sure to elevate your smoking experience.

Ceramic Water Pipe

Made out of glossy white ceramic with maple accents. This water pipe has thick walls adorned by the iconic playboy logo. The maple wood base helps make the water pipe impact resistant. The maple wood caps help contain odors when not in use.

Loaded Headcase

The perfect traveling companion. The loaded headcase comes with a Playboy stand up spoon, Playboy Pendant Storage Puck, and a Playboy Hard Case with odor absorbing technology. This makes it the perfect choice for all your on the go needs. 

Loaded Krypto Kit

RYOT's Krypto Kit. Jam packed with a rose gold spring one hitter, RYOT Playboy rolling papers, a freshness pod. The Kryto Kit has a stretch pocket for your lighter, an elastic loop to secure the bat, and odor absorption antimicrobial microfibers. To reactivate the carbon lining, simply throw it in the dryer for 5 minutes.


Ryot's iconic dugout adorned with the timeless Playboy bunny logo. This historic collaboration is sure to become a cult classic. Available in acrylic or wood, these dugouts are part of RYOT's Smell Safe Carbon Series. They incorporate extensive carbon permeated padding, neutralizing and trapping most odors in its pores. Just pack a lighter and you're ready to go!

This limited edition collection won't be available for long, shop the collection before they're all gone!