Pakoh Glass - Gucci Puffco Peak Top

Pakoh - Gucci Puffco Peak Top

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Pakoh - Gucci Puffco Peak Top

Enhance your Puffco Peak journey with Pakoh Glass's premium attachments. Tailored for seamless integration with The Peak, this glass diffuser goes beyond custom aesthetics, amplifying the power and functionality of your Smart Rig. Constructed from top-tier borosilicate glass, this transparent attachment features a fixed 2-hole dome perc, ensuring optimal diffusion for a heightened and smoother experience. Whether you seek an upgrade in diffusion or a distinctive touch without breaking the bank, this attachment stands as the ideal choice to elevate your rig's performance and aesthetics. Experience the perfect fusion of style and function.

  • Height: 5.25" 
  • Base Diameter: 1.5" 

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