MAV - The Big Bear Recycler
MAV - The Big Bear Recycler - Blue & White

MAV - The Big Bear Recycler

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    MAV - The Big Bear Recycler

    The MAV Big Bear Recycler is a premium glass rig designed for smooth and flavorful hits, making it a favorite among smoking enthusiasts. Its unique design and advanced features ensure an unparalleled smoking experience.


    • Joint Size: 14mm Female Joint
    • Bowl: 14mm Male Bowl included
    • Perc Type: Honeycomb Perc for superior filtration
    • Recycler Function: Single uptake recycler with vortex drain for continuous smoke circulation and enhanced flavor
    • Neck Design: Bent neck to prevent splashback and provide ergonomic use
    • Material: High-quality borosilicate glass
    • Logo: Features the MAV decal, indicating premium craftsmanship


    • Height: 9.5 inches
    • Base Diameter: Approximately 3.5 inches

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